Cycling & Hiking

The Great Outdoors!

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Coastal paths, nature trails and sunset strolls

With breathtaking coastal trails, lakeside walks and nature walks, it’s the perfect place to get out and explore nature. The island has over 50 km of rugged trails and the roads networking the surrounding isles are quiet and perfect for cycling.

From the lodge you can walk down the garden and enjoy a sunset walk along the beach to the wharf. Or cycle to the provincial park of Martinique where you can stroll around the grounds and see the lighthouse. With rugged or sandy beaches to choose from, you can enjoy a different expedition each day.


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Cycle the idyllic island roads and hike the rugged coastline

Many guests have cycled down through Petit De Grat to the quaint village roads of Little Anse. There, you can visit the local Pebble & Fern Farm who love meeting new people and will show you a hike that stretches through rolling hills to a secluded beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can continue up the headland leading to a cliff-top trail and spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean.

Avid cyclists have taken advantage of the friendly roads to cycle around the whole island. There is also many more inland trails, lakeside hikes, beach walks, lighthouse views, and the largely unexplored Javerins island…….the adventures are endless!!

stunning coastal paths cape breton



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